Vintage Log Homes was started by John Gieselman after he built his own log home in 1978.

From then on, he developed the art of building log homes and enjoys helping people build there own log house.

Whether your looking to build a home or simply add some log railing to your existing home, John will help you get you achieve your desired goal.

You’ll love the smell, uniqueness and style of your new Vintage Log Home.

Lodge Pole Pine

The most common type of wood used is lodge pole pine standing dead from either beetle kill or forest fire. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about log shrinking.

In 1997 I had Vintage Log Homes build me a weather tight shell for my log home. Mr. Gieselman had shown me how much money I could save by being my own contractor and finishing my… [read more]

Steve Shindle

When it comes to log home building, why not build it yourself?


As a testimonial to this, my wife and I had always dreamed of owning a log home, but financially couldn’t support the idea of hiring a contractor to build us one… [read more]

Bob & Lisa